Synthesys Review + BONUS – Turn Text Into A Professional REAL-HUMAN Sounding Voice-over In Just 3 Clicks!

Synthesys Review : Synthesys is a text-to-speech software by Mario Brown that uses real humans and synthetic speech technology to create real human text to speech conversions from the text we input.

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Synthesys Review:

Creators: Mario Brown & Oliver Goodwin
Date Of Launch: 2020-07-20
Time Of Launch: 11:00 EDT
Refund: 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support: Effective Response
Bonuses: Yes, Special $6218 Bonuses
Recommended: 100% Recommended
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

Who Are The Creators Of Synthesys?

Mario Brown & Oliver Goodwin are well-known names in the field of online marketing who have created many successful marketing software such as DFY Video Agency, EverZippy Webinars, FB SociCake and many more successful digital product launches.

Mario Brown & Oliver Goodwin – These guys are well-known names in the space of online marketing who’ve created many successful marketing products in the past such as DFY Video Agency, EverZippy Webinars, FB SociCake and many more successful digital product launches.

Benefits of Synthesys?

Majority of the people nowadays prefer to watch videos or listen to voice notes, and that’s why the use of those two have grown in popularity.
If you add a voice note on a page and a write-up on a single page, you’ll notice that many people will prefer to listen to the voice note.
However, there’s a problem. Creating voice notes takes lots of time. For example, you will need to hire a voice artist to accomplish the recording for you.

And if you do not want to go that route, you will need to get reduced software to help you with that.
The software route seems better and easier, but you will discover that many software meant for recording don’t produce a natural voice.
Some also have restrictions when it comes to how many voices you are able to use.

Others are great at offering real voices varieties, but you find them extremely expensive to use.
Nevertheless now, Synthesys has arrived at your rescue………
This software lets you pick your selected voice tone from a wide variety provided and convert your script or page into a voice note.

Isn’t it this great?
Well, keep reading our detailed Synthesys review to master more.

What Is Synthesys?

This is a software that allows you to create voice notes from text articles and scripts. With voice notes, you’ll notice more conversions along with more engagement.
You bring your boring articles and scripts to life by creating voice notes from them.
Synthesys offers you a choice to choose from a broad army of professional artists. What’s more, by using this software is very easy.
You are able to turn any script or text into a professional, engaging voice-over in only three steps;
Step1- choose voice:

  • You can pick your choice of voice over, tone, or gender, from 18 real voices offered in this software.
what is synthesys?

Step 2- create:

  • Type your text or copy-paste your script and click ‘create’ to start the process.
synthesys process

Step 3- Render and Share:

  • Click render to get your voice note. There is also the option to share it on any device or platform you need.
synthesys render

As you can see, applying this software doesn’t necessitate any experience or skill.
Also, being fully a cloud-based software means that you should use it from any device.
Let’s speak about its features.—————

How Does Synthesys Work?

Synthesys Features:

[+] Right voice for every situation :

  • With Synthesis, you can pick from 18 real voices that suit different settings.
  • You can produce engaging learning voice notes, audios for the promotional materials, adverts, voice-overs for the property videos, and much more. In other words, most of the voices in this software suit different settings.

[+] State-of-the-art technology:

  • Most of the voices in this software sound natural and people will think that they have been professionally recorded by experts.
  • The neural network helps you to generate great audio clips from text articles and scripts.
  • Quite simply, you can create human-like voices.

[+] Unmatched quality:

  • Synthesys uses the latest innovations in digital voicing and it has fast text-to-speech conversions in addition to rendering.
  • You won’t have to attend all night for the text to become voice notes as this software uses innovative technology.

[+] Higher engagement:

  • Syntheys provides a genuine real vice for the listeners to engage which is unlike many text-to-speech robotic voices.

[+] DFY voices:

  • Done For You voices in Synthesys help you start almost immediately
  • Use these voices on your videos/presentations and save your time and money.

[+] Multipurpose voices:

  • Synthesys can be used in different niches including podcasts, gaming, film and animation, real estate, how-to videos, advertisements, and much more.
  • You can use these audio voiceovers for your own videos and personal projects.

[+] Cloud-based software:

  • Works on any device, there is no compatibility issue as it is a cloud-based software
  • Also, no software downloads or installation is needed.

Synthesys Review FAQ:

Q1: Will I get updates in future?

  • Yes. Synthesys will keep on improving and more voices and features will be added to it.
  • As an early adopter and a person who took action during the launch period, you will receive all the updates free of charge.

Q2: Does this software support other languages?

  • At the moment, Synthesys supports only English lnguage but as per the creators,they will be adding more languages shortly in the future.

Q3: Is there support team?

  • Yes. In case you have any question, you can talk to Synthesys support team through their official website.

Q4: Is there money-back guarantee?

  • Yes. This software is backed by 14-days money-back guarantee, which means your investment is safe

Synthesys Review – What People Are Saying:

Synthesys Reviews

Synthesys Review- PROS And CONS:


  • Real human-sounding voice which is unlike any other TTS software launched till now.
  • You can mix up voices and create a story with different voices.
  • Lots of upcoming upgrades (Best time/price to buy is NOW)
  • History of great products by Mario builds great confidence that this will be another great product by him
  • If you are looking for a quality text to speech software with a serious intention of serving your clients with QUALITY, look no further, this is a NO-BRAINER.


  • In My Opinion, Synthesys is priced at a higher level as compared to other TTS software although it delivers on quality too.
  • Limited Language, as of the launch date only English language is available (we will be introduced with more languages shortly)
  • Credit System, one has to purchase credits once the user runs out of credits (1 credit= 1 character)
  • If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with multiple languages then checkout Speechelo.

Synthesys Review- Prices:

There are 2 Licenses:

[+] LITE License: $47 Onetime Payment. – BUY NOW

  • Access to 8 professional English voice actors
  • Sound editor for podcasts and audiobooks
  • 10,000 credits included

[+] Commercial License: $67 Onetime Payment. – BUY NOW

  • Access to 8 professional English voice actors
  • Sound editor for podcasts and audiobooks
  • Commercial License Included (Work With Clients)
  • 30,000 credits included
  • Special Bonuses 

Synthesys Review- OTO OR Upsells:

OTO#1: Synthesys Pro ($67 Onetime Payment) –BUY NOW

Get this upgrade to help you create finer, better, and more natural-sounding voices……

Feature #1: Extra 11 professional English voice actors
Extra (males/females) human sound voices that are built on real human voices. Each voice has its own personality. From deep voice perfect for instruction voice overs to storytelling or sales-ready to serve you 24h almost instantly.

Feature #2: New voices when they are released
New voices will automatically be credited to users’ accounts every time they become available.

Feature #3: Multiple rendering threads for bigger scripts
This very helpful feature allows users to render more text at the same time instead put 500 characters per render. It helps for faster voice scripts in a very short time.

Feature #4: Pronunciation
Feature where users can set specific words to be pronounced in a specific way. Sometimes the AI needs some help predicting pronunciation. This feature helps break your words into syllables or add quotation masks so help to spell your word the way you want to sound. You help the software understand you better and start learning from you.

OTO#2: DFY Boost Pack ($47 Onetime Payment) – BUY NOW

Feature #1: Pre-rendered audio voice-overs for all niches proven to convert
Ready Prerendered voice over scripts from 15 seconds to 1 minute to be used right away to the users.

Feature #2: 100 text scripts that convert(All niches)
DFY New scripts for commercial and explainer videos to use copy and paste or change right away for your business.

Feature #3: 15 – 20 scripts every single month without paying monthly fees.
If you want to produce commercial voice overs but need some help with the writing and artistic direction, these sample voice over scripts, organized by industry, will help you to succeed. Each script contains artistic direction and demographic information and features a fictional company. You can use them as inspiration, and as a guide to help build your understanding of how audio scripts are formatted.

Feature #4: DFY TV Commercial for your business
Ready-made handpicked commercials created by our special advertising team with years of experience. These videos can be used right away for social advertising campaigns. These commercial video ad database with voice-over highlights are built to attract the attention of professional tv commercials from the best brands.

OTO#3: Synthesys Agency & UNLIMITED CREDITS ($197 Onetime Payment For 350,000 Credits OR $297 Onetime Payment For 500,000 Credits OR $497 Onetime Payment For Unlimited Credits) – BUY NOW

Feature #1: Multi-users AccessThis will then allow you to create different logins for any employees or freelancers you may work with now or in the future.
Extra credits 150,000 Extra Credits – $147500,000 Extra Credits – $297Unlimited Credits – $497
Few words about this upsell: This upsell is for serious buyers who are looking to establish an agency business around voice-over (with the greatest quality that software has ever produced) in Fiverr or in other platforms, take advantage of the huge discount, commercial license, and maximize their profits.  This offer is limited during the launch days and will be taken down after the launch.

OTO#4: 3 Popular Fully Animated Video Builders ($67 Onetime Payment) => BUY NOW

Users can create amazing commercial/agency/animated videos with our 3 very Popular Video software apps and use Synthesys to put voices over the videos. (instead of music)

Here is what you get with this upgrade;
 [+] Videlligence:

  • This video tool allows you to convert any product page into video ads.
  • Just copy the link from your preferred product store and this app will create the video for you.
  • You can also create animated videos using this software.

[+] Storie:

  • This adaptable tool allows you to create videos for Instagram stories and Facebook stories.
  • Stories have become popular in social media sites and now you can create some for your clients.

[+] Viddictive:

  • This is another tool you will get once you get this upgrade.
  • With Viddictive, you will be able to create animated videos that you can post on Facebook to capture your audience.
  • You can create these videos for your clients as well.

These are the three video tools you will get once you get this upgrade. You will be able to make videos with ease.

Synthesys Review Conclusion:

Lastly, why I should recommend you to get Synthesys ?

Synthesys software is one of its kind, and you can now take advantage of this launch period offer to use this software. By leveraging the power of state-of-the-art text-to-speech converter as well as freedom of choosing the tone of the voice over, you can create great voice notes that generates more engagement and higher revenue.

With Synthesys, you get to choose from over 18 real voices that sound natural.
This means that you can convert your scripts or pages into high-engaging voice overs without having to hire any professional voice-over artists to do that for you.
Therefore, boost your engagement, revive your articles, reduce bounce rates, and get more leads by turning your scripts and articles into natural-sounding voice notes using Synthesys.
GET IT TODAY via this SYnthesys Review!

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Hope you liked our Synthesys Review.


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