Graphic design is the most lucrative major Business Opportunity that’s exploding at this moment. With Smartscene Browse through over 1,200 stunning ready-to-deploy templates and pick the one that you like. Customize templates as per your needs and Download to use or sell to your clients for big bucks.




In today’s world, most businesses need graphics for Videos, Social Media Adds, and their websites as well. Smartscene is a graphic designing software that comes with a combo of THREE next generation scene design apps and professionally created ready-to-use 1200+ done-for-you east-to-customize scene design templates. Over 12,000+ built-in custom customizable sketch and illustration graphics elements and shapes over 8 million free HD photos. Over 2 million curated icons and hundreds of emoji graphics and social characters to create trendy scenes for your business and your clients as well. You can Create A New Revenue Stream by selling UNLIMITED trendy scenes using the Commercial Licence for top dollar. 


The Creators Of Smartscene

Smartscene has been created and is being marketed by Todd Gross and Magnus Ilechukwu. It has been created and is being marketed by some of the brains and talents behind some really successful graphics products like Youzign and DesignoPro. Smartscene comes with a unique user-friendly graphics suite that solves a problem and fills a need no other graphics app has ever satisfactorily done in the industry.



After logging into SMARTSCENE, you will get to see a general dashboard laid out in a way that will allow you to get access to all the tools and functions in the smartscene platform.

An Overview window of Smartscene

There is an overview video too that you can watch anytime to get familiar with the software and the tools present there that shows you around your account.


Smartscene gives you access to three different scene design software apps that are accessible from a single dashboard which creates three different kinds of scene design which include Photo Scene Creator, Sketch Scene Creator, and Illustrator Scene Creator.

ILLUSTRATOR SCENE: It creates stunning slick flat Illustrator Scenes.

SKETCH SCENE: It creates slick sketch scenes.

PHOOSCENE CREATOR: It creates spiced up photo scenes.

Creating an illustrator scene:

Illustrator Scene Template

On Clicking the template option on the left and on the template folder, you can get access to the pool of templates and you can choose a template of your desired choice.

There are 1200+ Done-For-You Easy-To-Customize Scene Design Templates. There is a fast Alphabet-Based Design And Template Search; where you can easily find Designs And Templates with choice words in them. Just by entering the image URL, you can import an image from the web.

View,Edit and Download a template

Preview a template with the VIEW button.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button to get the template in your machine and use it without editing.

Clicking on the USE button will allow you to customize the template at the editor.


Customizing Templates

You can resize, scale the assets to any size, and move them around at any position you want.

Color Change of assets

You can change the color of any of your assets to match your brand or your project. There are a lot of built-in manipulation features in this app to make sure you get the perfect scene design. You can replace the existing template by choosing any other from the left template listing.

Insert Image

You can import graphics, designs, images from other platforms. Youzign Integration. Retrieve Your Youzign and Design Pro Designs Inside Smartscene To Use In Your Scenes. There are about over 2 Million Curated Icons Via Integrations. Over 8 Million Free HD Photos Via Integrations.

Insert Elements

Smartscene is loaded with over 12000+ custom created design assets and elements from all niches, objects, and categories. There you will find different access showing people in different activity postures, fashion accessories, objects, flowers, accessories, website elements, marketing assets, and much more here. Add objects on your favorites by right-clicking on the object on the canvas and selecting to favorite the object.

Insert Shapes and Emojis
  • You will get THOUSANDS of custom created shapes to spice up your scene designs. Just search for a particular shape by typing it down on the search bar and get access to many shapes related to your search.
  • Get 100s Of Emoji Graphics and social icon assets that will help you enhance the scenes that you post on social media.

Format Text, Set Background Color and Uploading
  • There are various text editing features that will boost up your text quality.
  • You will get accustomed to various background customization options to give your scene a different look.
  • You can upload your images and design assets by uploading them from your computer or just by entering the media fie link. On completion, you can download your work in JPG, PNG, GIF, or SVG. Upload your own SVG Files And Customise it.


Uploading a folder

Instant Dashboard Design Preview. You can Create, Edit, Delete And Manage Unlimited Folder. Stay Organised And Arrange Your Designs In Folders. Designs Are Safely Stored In The Cloud. You can find your design in the folder you choose under ‘My Designs’.

Smart Resize Feature

Smart Resize Feature Automatically Applies Pre-Set Canvas Sizes For Over 40 Platforms And Design Purposes that include all the popular social media post image sizes, size for videos, banner size, blog header, email header, kindle cover, infographics, T-shirts, and much more.

Creating a sketch scene:

Sketch Template

The sketch scenes you can create in a similar way as you create an illustrator scene. The templates, shapes, emojis and other assets are sketch specific to help you get a detailed sketch scene design.

Creating a photo scene:

Photo Scene Template

You can create a spiced Photo Scene design by using this smart Photo Scene app. Like the Illustrator and Sketch Scene Creators, the Photo Scene Creator enables you to perform the same formatting required for your Scene customization. In the Photo Scene Creator, you can even add cutouts that would match your brand and project in your templates.

The Artificial Intelligence BACKGROUND REMOVER TOOL that traces out the background and allows you to remove the background automatically on selecting an image. This tool leaves you with a transparent background image that you can use in any project against any background of your choice.

Auto Background Remove


Several HOW-TO guides and Training Videos help you achieve the different Scene Design OBJECTIVES using SMARTSCENE.


  • Smartscene includes 3 Scene Design Apps In One Dashboard
  • It creates Stunning Flat Illustration Scene Designs
  • It creates Slick Sketch Scene Designs
  • Spiced Photo Scene Designs are created
  • Designs can be downloaded in PNG, SVG, JPEG, And Gif File Formats
  • 1200+ Done-For-You Easy-To-Customize Scene Design Templates are available in Smartscene.
  • 12,000+ Built-In Custom Customisable Sketch And Illustration Graphics Elements And Shapes
  • Over 8 Million Free HD Photos Via Integrations, Over 2 Million Curated Icons Via Integrations and100s Of Emoji Graphics And Social Characters you will get in this software.
  • Seamless Youzign Integration and DesignoPro2 Integration
  • You can upload your own images and customize your own SVG Files
  • You can import images from the web by just entering the image URL
  • The well-developed editor packed with Professional Design Manipulation features
  • Smart Resize Feature FOR Pre-Set Canvas Sizes For Over 40 Platforms
  • You can Stay Organised And Arrange Your Designs In Folders
  • You can Create, Edit, Delete And Manage Unlimited Folders of your own.
  • Instant Dashboard Design Preview and Instant Download From Dashboard is possible.
  • Fast Alphabet-Based Design And Template Search that gets you Smooth, Fast, Drag And Drop User-Friendly Interface
  • No Prior Design Experience Or Technical Skill Needed to control this software
  • Get a Cloud-based Platform and without installing anything.
  • Store your designs safely in the cloud
  • Use SMARTSCENE On Any Device From Anywhere In The World
  • You are getting the Artificial Intelligent background Remover Tool
  • Compatible With Your Favourite Video And Design Apps
  • You get Unlimited Access To Templates and Create Unlimited Designs Unlimited Storage to store your designs.
  • Smartscene gives you Reliable Support by providing Full Step By Step Video Training
  • Smartscene includes Commercial License.


Why Should You Buy Smartscene ???

Smartscene is an all-new design platform that solves a major need that every marketer has. It contains beautiful Illustrative scenes and designs that are used to require hiring an expensive designer. Smartscene provides an easy way to create beautiful conversion-boosting images like a pro. Its a platform where you can make use of graphics very easily. Smartscene allows you to help businesses do exactly that you desire. It comes with THREE perfect tools packed into One Powerful Solution.

Things Smartscene helps you to get rid off :

Smartscene avoids

For Whom Smartscene Is Perfect ????

  • Website Designers
  • Explainer Video Experts
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Graphics Ads Designers
  • Video Ads Creators
  • Product Cover Creators
  • Doodle Videos Experts
  • Digital Products Sellers
  • Cloud And Desktop Ads Creators
  • Kindle Covers Designers
  • Bloggers And Content Creators
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • T-Shirt Sellers
  • Branding Experts


Pros. And Cons. :


  • Smartscene is incredibly Fast and Easy to use the software as there is nothing to download just a few fast, drag and drop actions will create you sell attention-grabbing scenes for you in a few minutes.
  • Without having any design experience you can create scenes by picking any template of your choice from 1,200+ ready to use templates and customize it to prepare futuristic slick scenes for your clients, business, and whatsoever within few minutes.
  • Smartscene provides you to have Unlimited Flexibility as you can create slick illustrations, isometrics, flat-designs, hand-drawn scene designs, sketch scenes, and much more from ONE dashboard.
  • Smartscene saves much of your time and money as you are provided detailed step by step training no matter if you are a newbie or an experienced marketer. Here you are getting UNRESTRICTED access to 3 top-end scene design apps.


  • An active internet connection is much needed to enjoy the Smartscene software.
$197 For Each Monthly Value

You can use any or all the apps inside Smartscene to sell UNLIMITED scene designs for 100% profit. With all the features, integrations & assets you can charge top dollar for services that take you just minutes to deliver.


Businesses usually pay tens of thousands of dollars to have scene designs charges $800 – $1,200 for such professional designs. The scene designs are hosted by Smartscene which saves your money and saves your time. NOTHING you have to download as everything is run from the cloud. Smartscene will do all the heavy lifting for you. Get Smartscene For Just $47/Month $67 One-Time!


Bonuses :

BONUS #1: FREE Access to Smartscene VIP BUNDLE with Commercial Rights!

The VIP BUNDLE gives you FREE access to all the stunning scene elements. You can easily edit and customize the elements with any of the 3 Smartscene apps. Value: $997

BONUS #2: Smart Video Resource with Commercial Rights!

Smartscene contained many hand-picked stunning easily-customizable video templates including logo stings video templates, agency promo video template, big sale promo video template, black Friday sales promo video template, club promo video template, mobile app promo video template, real estate promo video template, store-wide promo video template, and trendy fashion promo video template in this bonus. By using your Smartscene designs you can edit and customize these video templates into the perfect sales bullets and distribute them on the internet. All templates are easily editable with the free PowerPoint software. Value: $497

Smartscene Bonus

BONUS #3: FREE account on SoundMash with Commercial Rights!

SoundMash is a cloud-based audio membership platform that lets you search and download from a pool of 1,200+ slick royalty-free music tracks to use in marketing videos all in a seamless automated way. Value: $997

BONUS #4: The THRIVING Brand – Color Selection Guide with Commercial Rights!

This includes a detailed guide on choosing the perfect brand colors for your Smatscene designs. You can use the tips and tweaks in this guide to entice and marvel your clients. Value: $97


Money Back in 30 days


Some FAQ !!!

  •  How Many Scene Designs Can I Create & Sell?

UNLIMITED. There are no limits on how much you can do and how much you can earn using Smartscene. On getting access to the scene – it will be COMPLETELY yours.

  •  Do The Apps Work on Windows & Mac?

Yes, all 3 apps inside Smartscene are 100% cloud-based and work on any operating platform, on any internet-connected device. EVEN your phone.

  •  Do I Need Experience or Tech/Design Skills?

Smartscene is designed to be 100% newbie-friendly. To start on the right note Step-by-step training, is there for you.

  •  Support & Software Updates?

Included & automated, in that order. One-click in your dashboard connects you to our support desk, fully staffed by friendly pros happy to help.
You’ll always have the most updated version as the Ongoing updates are automatically pushed to the software.


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