How To Sanitize Vegetables and Fruits

How To Sanitize Vegetables and Fruits

How To Sanitize Vegetables and Fruits?This is a common question being asked around the internet due to the extent this pandemic has reached.

Let’s tell you the basics first before we go on telling you how you can clean your vegetables

How CoronaVirus Spreads?

CoronaVirus is primarily an airborne disease which spreads through air and droplets.

This is why the authorities have asked us to maintain social distancing and be at a minimum distance of 6 feet from people.

Once it’s on our hands and we touch our face,that opens a gateway for the virus to enter our body through our mouth/nose.

As per studies the virus is said to be active on the following surfaces :

  • Cardboard Surface- 24-36 hours
  • Metal Surface- 2-3 days
  • Plastic- 2-3 days


Hence,it is extremely important that measures are taken against avoiding/sanitizing the packaging ,door knobs and other frequently touched items which are accessible to multiple people.

Tips to apply when going outside to by groceries

  • Avoid high-density areas, go at odd hours when you anticipate fewer people to be there.
  • Try to use cashless/ Touch-free payments like Google Pay, Paytm, Samsung Pay etc.
  • If you touch it, you buy it… a lot of people might have touched the product you buy, so ensure to pick it from unusual places where you think the touch impact might have been lower.
  • Go once in one or two weeks to buy groceries,the lesser trips you make the better for you and everyone around you.
  • Make a list of 2 weeks in advance. This will help you to be smart and efficient and make you spend less time in the store.

Here is a video showing the tips and tricks as to how you can clean/sanitize the grocery once you buy it.

Now,we will tell you the science behind cleaning your fruits and vegetables with a soap.

It is highly NOT advisable to clean your fruits and vegetables with soap and that is because like our body, this product is porous.

Which means the soap can get through the vegetables which in turn can create more problems for our health.

There are certain issues that can happen if we clean our fruits with disinfectants or soap such as nausea,poisoning etc.

It is still not proven that CoronaVirus spreads through food or by eating food infected with the virus (but we cannot take the chance as well,can we?).

The best known measure of spread of coronavirus is being in direct contact with a corona infected person.

However the best practice known till now to clean up your vegetables and fruits is to wash it with cold water.

For other packaged products,kindly refer to the video shared above

(ignore the part where he uses soap to clean the fruits!!!).

To make my argument even stronger,let me share a video down below..please have a look at it.


Hope we were of help to you…

Stay Home!Stay Safe!

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