Reading Head Start Review – The Ultimate Guide (Legit or Scam??) – Reading Head Start by Sarah Shepherd

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‘Reading head start review’ will give you a complete understanding of the teaching program by Sara Shepherd.

Since the program has been personally used, we will be able to tell you the ‘WHAT, WHY, HOW?’ of this program.

What is Reading Head Start?

Reading Head Start is a program developed by Sara Shepherd.

She has been in the teaching profession for the last 14 years as an English teacher.

One day her son came back from school and she was shocked to see his report card which said – need to work on his English!

Now being a mother and more importantly being an English teacher, it was embarrassing for Sara.

This led her to teach her son and daughter in a different than usual way.

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This led to some great results for the kids as they improved their reading skills immensely and which in turn also showed in their grades later on.

The teachers were surprised to see the immediate results and the word spread like wild-fire. Sara was getting queries from other parents across different cities which made her develop this system- Reading Head Start.

Now, Reading Head Start was initially started for children above the age of 5 years, but once she was approached by a lady who wanted to try the system on her 18 months old kid as there were some doubts on the learning ability.


This led to the creators believing, how the education system in our countries, does not push our children to their potential. The modules and concepts were now introduced for the starting age of 2 years.

Scientifically it has been proven that the younger the brain development starts, the smarter the child becomes.

Since its inception, Reading Head Start has added more than 36 thousand members as we speak and as per the recent updates, the team is constantly adding new modules and updating the system for smooth functioning.

Why Does My Child Need Reading Head Start?

Well, I was skeptical at first too…there were not a lot of good reviews on google apart from some reviews by people shoving the product down our throats. I wanted to buy the program for my niece as a birthday gift and was ready to dig in deeper.

On researching further,I found some genuine reviews around the internet which made me trust this product at a much better level.I will be sharing some of those reviews here with you.

Now, this wasn’t the only reason which made me opt into this program, there are several other BENEFITS :

  • This system has proved to prevent and even reverse dyslexia in a lot of cases.
  • The education system in our country is so obsolete that as per state reports 66% of the students drop out of high school. I surely did not want my niece to be one of them
  • This method actually helped my niece and a lot of other children get a head start at a young age which really contributes to a compound level mental growth of the child (I have seen a real-life example of that)
  • The parents don’t have to give a lot of time in this program, as per the module- 15 minutes/3 times a week is more than enough to get through.
  • THE CHILDREN ACTUALLY LOVE IT! Now, this is what really encouraged me to write this review…my niece really enjoys learning through this app. There’s nothing more I could have asked her for.
  • Even if I did not like the program I had an option of 365 days no questions asked refund policy!! (So it was basically a no-brainer)

How To Use Reading Head Start

Once you are opt-in for a plan, you are given instant access to the member’s area dashboard.

Here the whole program is divided into 4 sections, each section having its own workbooks, games, exercises for the children. The new material is updated frequently and there is absolutely no chance your child can get bored with this.

The children are also awarded certificates for every task that they get done. This certainly helps in improving the vocabulary, pronunciation of the child while slowly gaining mastery over the English language.

You can access the dashboard through a PC, Phone, or a tablet, even if you are in any part of the world.

What all is included in the package? (Source : Head Start Official Website)

The Reading Head Start has helped more than 36,000 children successfully learn how to read and how to understand the words they are reading. The program provides everything parents need to get their children off to a promising start from an early age. (Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.)


Pricing & Refund Policy

The pricing starts from $37.00 a month, which is pretty much nothing if compared to the benefits it provides…

The creators also sponsor the education of an underprivileged child for every new membership.

All this is happening while providing a no questions asked refund policy for 365 days!!

Now, You can go ahead and try this program at an exclusive price, this is being offered at a steal price of :


They are also providing discounts on annual and lifetime packages during COVID 19 times.


This Reading Head Start review aimed at providing answers to all your questions

I would like to rate this program as a 9/10 looking at the :

  • Long-term benefits it provides to the children
  • Constantly upgraded curriculum
  • Pricing starts at $1.00
  • Easy refund policies

It is was a no brainer for us, hence went ahead with it and are happy with the purchase.

I hope this Reading Head Start Review was of help to you in taking the final decision for your child’s future.



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