Mask – How To Make One At Home

Mask – How to make one at home

We will be clearly explaining how you can make a mask during these difficult and unprecedented times at the ease of sitting at your home.

Why Do We Need To Make A Home Mask?

Firstly we will tell you exactly why you need a mask in today’s time:

  • It helps protect us being exposed to air droplets, protecting us from harmful bacteria/virus in the air.
  • If somebody is suffering from an airborne disease,wearing a masks helps in preventing others from contracting the same.
  • There has been a huge shortage for N95 masks for professionals in the health sector
  • The doctors/nurses being in constant proximity to patients need these advanced masks more than us.
  • Therefore it is extremely important that we do our bit and create ones for ourselves.

How Can We Create a Mask?

What you need?

  • A cotton fabric (35 x 20 cm)
  • An elastic band (17 cm)
  • A sewing machine
  • A cloth iron
  • Clippers
  • That’s It!!

How to Make one?

  • Take the cotton fabric and fold it into half.
  • Now, sew 4 cm of the top and bottom area of the cloth from the open side.
  • Now you have two sealed sides and two open sides.
  • Iron the same once.
  • In the open side, place the elastic bands and fix them with the help of clippers.
  • Now, you can sew these sides so that the cloth is sealed from all 4 sides.
  • Now, you have to take your masterpiece inside out, so that the bands are free from both the sides.
  • You can now fold the mask with 2/3 layers as per your convenience and iron the same to get the desired product.
  • Voila!! It’s ready!!

We have attached a video of the same (credits : Innova Crafts)

So ,Guys we hope we were of use to you guys!!

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