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What is Email CopyDyno?

Email CopyDyno is an email writing software for people who want to do email marketing but are not really good at writing emails.

Email CopyDyno has been created by Cindy Donovan and Patrick Enyum, who are experts at email marketing with years of experience behind them.

Email CopyDyno is pretty simple to use and has been showing impressive results and at a pretty fast pace in its pilot stage.

We will be talking about the features, pricing, pros and cons of EmailDyno in this article along with the demo of the product.

Email CopyDyno- Features

  • Without any copywriting skills now you can write high converting, poerful emails.
  • You can choose from 9 different email types that include cart abandonment,webinar hosting,affiliate product promotions
  • By just answering a few questions, you can create a new email sequence.
  • You can customize the tone of your email or ask the software to rewrite the emails in case you do not like it.
  • With proven results, this software has shown to have increased engagement and open rates among the subscribers.
  • It is pretty easy to use and beginner friendly, even if you are an amateur at email writing.
  • You get access to UNLIMITED perfectly crafted complete email sequences.
  • COMMERCIAL LICENSE INCLUDED: You can sell email sequences as a service to your clients.

Email CopyDyno- How Does It Work? (DEMO)

How email copydyno works

You can create emails with Email CopyDyno in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: LOGIN

Simply log in to your Email CopyDyno dashboard to create a new email/email sequence.


Choose the tone and style of emails you want to create and answer some simple questions to determine the goal of your emails.


Email CopyDyno instantly creates emails for you to be sent to your subscribers. (You can check and rewrite the emails if you are not happy with the results)

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Email CopyDyno- Who Is It For?

If you are building an email list and have plans to make money from your email list, then this is definitely for you…

Apart from this, if you are into the following field, then Email CopyDyno can certainly help you in a lot of ways:

  • eCommerce experts and marketers:

If you are into e-commerce, then to let your customers know about your new product launches, reminding them of cart abandoned products, or offering new discounts to them.

Email CopyDyno can frame mails for these in less than 5 minutes.

  • Professional coaches and consultants:

It is important to convert your leads into customers.

Email CopyDyno can write powerful onboarding emails, product launch emails, webinar invite emails, and lots more needed to make lots of sales and profits to your subscribers.

  • Product creators and service providers:

You can create product launch emails to create a buzz around the launch among your subscribers.

You can also create webinar emails to invite people to your product/service demonstrations, emails to promote your discount offers, and even re-engage any of your previously inactive subscribers.

  • Affiliate marketers:

If you are into affiliate marketing, you know the product swipes by the creator do not convert as those are oversaturated and pretty much everyone has used them

Use Email CopyDyno to create unique affiliate emails that get you sweet results. You need less than 5 minutes to get this done.

  • B2B business owners:

You can write cold emails that get the attention of even C-Level executives.

Email CopyDyno can write attention-grabbing emails that can get you lots of appointments, bookings, sales, and deals.

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Email CopyDyno- What are the different types of emails you can write with this?

different emails with email copydyno

Product Launch Emails

Have a new product or service you want to launch?

Email CopyDyno can write impressive product launch emails for you in minutes.

List Nurturing Emails

Just got a new subscriber or lead?

EmailCopy Dyno can help in creating a fresh bond of trust and love with your subscribers, it can create emails that help in nurturing the subscriber relationship and helps them trust you better.

Affiliate Marketing Emails

Want to promote other people’s products through emails?

Email DynoCopy can create intriguing emails that help in converting your leads to customers better.

Webinar Emails

Do you run your own webinar or you promote other people’s webinar?

Email CopyDyno can help in pushing more numbers for webinar by engaging your leads and driving them towards signing up for your event.

Cart Abandonment Emails

If you are into eCommerce, cart abandons will be one of your biggest headaches.

EmailCopy Dyno claims to have helped brands recover 40% of the abandoned carts to sales with the help of its emails.

Re-engagement Emails

Are your subscribers no longer opening your emails?

If you have a subscriber list and a low open rate, then Email CopyDyno can help create emails with engaging titles that can improve your click-through open rate.

Discount & Time-Limited Offers

Running discount offers for your subscribers?

EmailCopy Dyno can write super-powerful emails that will have your subscribers grab the offer/ discounts you offer to them.

JV Recruitment Emails

Launching a new product and need the help of affiliates to promote it?

EmailCopy Dyno can create emails that will build interest in your product, and most importantly, have affiliates promoting the product for you.

B2B Cold Emails

Are your targeting other businesses for your products or services?

EmailCopy Dyno claims to create very powerful cold emails that will get these businesses to open, read, and give you attention, even if they are C-Level Executives.

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Email CopyDyno- Benefits

Here are some of the Email CopyDyno benefits that we can think of:

email copydyno benefit 1

More Encompassing Email types

There are few to none softwares out there can write as many email type as Email CopyDyno does.

The closest of them can write only 4-5 email types, whereas, Email CopyDyno can write 9 at the moment.

And that is not all…

It’s being trained to be able to write even more emails. Within the next 12 months, it should be able to write up to 15 at a minimum.

email copydyno benefit 2

Better Quality Emails

Email DynoCopy claims to have given access to some email copywriters who were already using those other software products.

They confessed that the quality and content of Email CopyDyno is far superior with respect to the other softwares out there.

You can give credit to the team that built the software, as it is made up of A+ copywriters with millions of dollars in sales under their belt.

email copydyno benefit 3

Different Writing Tones

With Email CopyDyno, you can control of the tone of your email that the subscriber will receive.

You can choose between a soft email tone where you sell to your audience without them feeling like you’re trying to sell to them…

…or be more aggressive, where you push your sales very hard till your subscriber has no option than to buy.

These are somethings that not a lot of software does.

email copydyno benefit 4

Lowest Price Out There

If we compare it with the other competitors out there…Email DynoCopy is truly the most robust and advanced email writing software out there. On top of that it’s also the most affordable.

email copydyno benefit 5

Long Term Plan & Support

Looking at the pedigree and history of the team and their long term plans and there’s going to be lots of updates on the app, with many new features as suggested by users. Since it’s inception 4 months ago, they have already made 9 updates till date.

So you can be sure of such updates in the future as well.

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Email CopyDyno- Pricing (Upsells and OTOs)

email copydyno pricing
  • Front End: Email CopyDyno – $47

Description: Cloudbased software allowing users to create entire autoresponder sequences in a couple of minutes.  It automatically writes ANY type of emails for you

Product Launch EmailsCart Abandonment EmailsJV Recruitment Emails
List Nurturing EmailsB2B Cold EmailsDiscount Offer Emails
Affiliate Marketing EmailsWebinar EmailsRe-Engagement Emails
  • OTO1: Email CopyDyno Club + VideoDyno– $67

You receive: 

  • Autoresponder integration to automatically send emails created to your email AR
  • Unlock the ability to refresh created emails, so if you don’t like that one you can refresh and rebuild an entirely new version with one click 
  • Export your emails to PDF and DOCX format
  • Additional email styles and any future ones added.  Automatically unlock the new ‘Soap Opera’ email type. 
  • PLUS:  They’ll also get access to our sister-site VideoDyno, where they can create any type of video scripts including VSL’s, video ads, local marketing videos, lead generation videos, upsell videos.. And so much more…!
  • OTO2: Email CopyDyno DFY

Option 1: $197/yr
Option 2: $27/month
Option 3: $47

Option 1 + 2 gives you:

[+] 5 funnels immediately and 2 new funnels every month
[+] Downloadable access to the PLR source codes of over 100 funnels including HTML pages, products, email sequences, and promotional tools (for each of the 100 funnels) 

Option 3 gives you:

[+] A bundle of their choice of 5 funnels + pro features (but no extra monthly funnels)

All options include:
[+] Unlimited handwritten email campaigns
[+] Handcrafted bonus bundle incentives for popular launches as they go live
[+] Unlimited subscribers
[+] Unlimited bandwidth and hosting to your pages
[+] Their affiliate link in EVERY single email that is sent, no cuts/commissions removed

  • OTO3: Email Dyno Autoresponder ($47)

Access to the autoresponder platform, so you’ll be able to put the emails you’ve created into use – without being lumped with expensive monthly subscriptions.  Pay one time and unlock the whole system. 

  • OTO4: Email CopyDyno Cookbook ($27)

Custom created training video series going deeper into more advanced strategies for using Email CopyDyno

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Email CopyDyno Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Commercial License Included

With the Email CopyDyno commercial license you can offer email writing services for clients and create entire email sequences in any niche fast!

You can write and sell as many emails as you like. Create complete email sequences and charge them $250-$500 a pop. Or, offer it as a regular service and lock in clients who will happily pay you a monthly fee.

You don’t need to worry about building lists, you just use the software to create emails and they’ll use them to increase their profits.

And when the service you’re providing is making them more money than they used to, do you think they’ll keep happily paying you every month? Heck yeah they will!

  • BONUS #2: Special Live Training Event

In this 60-90 minute live training experience, you can join us online where special guest and email marketing expert, Neil Napier will demonstrate how he’s personally used Email CopyDyno to generate thousands.

He’ll also share his insider strategies on how to generate 100 leads a day completely organically.

Better yet, he’ll show you the exact method you can use to turn those leads into high ticket sales, even if you don’t own a product!

This is a bonus event not to be missed and will skyrocket your results.

We will be recording this event, but the replay will ONLY be available to members who join Email CopyDyno during this exclusive JVZoo sale

Email CopyDyno Verdict

Email CopyDyno is a vast and in-depth email creation software that is affordable, has a lot of features and is not heavy on the pocket as well.

Given its competitors in the market, this is surely something better by leaps and bounds and there is no way you can find a better email creation software in this price range.

Having regular updates will definitely help the product stay above from its competition in the market and we are sure that will happend, considering the team and the work it has done on this software in the last 4 months.

We would like to rate this product as 9/10 given its features, ease of use, and pricing.

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