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A genuine review on 100k BLUEPRINT from my side:

With 100k Blueprint in under 12 weeks, you can make a life tweaking Business thou you don’t have any previous ‘TECH KNOWLEDGE’.

A frank opinion on it would be that Dropshipping is NOT easy. Making a business model that will fetch you millions of dollars overnight simply can’t happen.

If you have a glance at the past facade of the Gucci shirts, the Lamborghinis, the crazy $156,973 days that are probably fake, and all the other ‘hype’ and ‘dream selling’ experts put there… you’ll realize it’s extremely easy to be financially independent with Drop Shipping.

In just12 weeks become a Drop Shipping Wizard with 100k Blueprint. This is the best dropshipping course on the planet that teaches you how to become successful in a crowded marketplace, and ANY niche!

What is 100k BluePrint?

The 100K Blueprint was developed as a 12 week drip-fed comprehensive eCommerce strategy. However, the present focus is now been given to the e-commerce model and RE-DESIGNING of it. In the year 2019 alone this model has been responsible for millions of dollars and a brand new store was taken from 0 to over $100k in a single month. Taking a new asset from 0 to a few thousand per month is EXCEPTIONALLY easy with this new commerce business model. The reason why this stands out is that there is no Amazon, Wholesale, No inventory, no branding, the store that is created only has one single product on it!

What the creators have to say ??

Having a single product on a store increased the fidelity and the earning potential by almost 300%. Without all the fuss of dealing with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs one can make money FASTER.

Startup stores are going multinational and some of these are even getting MASSIVE orders from stores such as Macy’s for thousands of units with this extraordinary technique.

A dropshipping store selling their products to Macy’s wasn’t heard before. On figuring it out it has been found that It’s just a benefit — retail and big box stores will seek out your customers and ask them to drop ship for them!

100k Blueprint stands the test of time and with the new coronavirus and how ads have become even cheaper this means its high time to grab this opportunity once again and start earning. This is just ONE single store that was able to scale to $15k in a day by day 10.

EVERYTHING live 100k Blueprint will share with you including the store, the results achieved…and EVERYTHING!

Here’s How 100K BLUEPRINT Works…

— > You will get the tools to find products that would fit our 3 phase criteria

— > A tool you will get On this simple website that uploads a custom theme and sets up the HIGHEST converting store possible and all this whole process will take just 5 mins.

— > CREATE simple little listings would be there for you($20 is paid for studio-quality production and these ads will be shared and what they look like LIVE)

— > $1.50 listings run that work LIKE CRAZY following our ‘Blitz Bomb’ method (used ALL over the industry now)

— > High-quality buyer traffic is sent to the store and start seeing which $1.50 listings are performing the best. Furthermore, the copy and pasting of the same listing are done and $5 is added to it so that it can TRIPLE the earnings!

— > Focus is given to the broker deals with the USA for faster shipping. A source is also provided for the customers to have a direct connection with but the entire software that spits out products to your customers with ease.

— > Lastly SCALING will be done and the process of finding more and more products will continue that these stores could be built out with. The accumulation of a portfolio of these stores will be made to collect daily income (like rent) and will lead a growth up to $100… $300… $500… $1,000 per day and these are extremely easy to build with the software.

What views do the students have regarding this…..

100k Blueprint Reviews — Features and Benefits

  • 12 Week Drip Fed training (proven training followed by over 800+ students)
  • Profit Machine 3.0 software (suppliers and store creator — extremely unique and never seen before)
  • 6 Week PRIVATE Group Coaching Calls
  • TriFunnels Lifetime Access (create funnels directly inside of your eCommerce store to increase your Average order value)
  • Incredible support and coaching — coaches other 100K blueprint students focus on finding groundbreaking new strategies.

The 4 Step Formula To Start Up Your Own eCommerce Business In A Few Days

These are the 4 crucial steps to launch and scale a profitable dropshipping store.
These are the 4 crucial steps to launch and scale a profitable dropshipping store.

100K Blueprint 4.0 Members Will Be Getting 7 Incredible Bonuses…


#STEP 1:

The first and foremost thing you need to do to become a pro is to enhance your Dropshipping and you can also be a MASTER in the same as me.

If the question of managing all these kinds of stuff bothering you then say it a GOODBYE as you are at the right place. 100k BLUEPRINT is a solution to it. This is a 12-week program that is going to handhold you every week to get a successful store up and run in record-breaking time.

The same 4 step formula on a day to day basis will be at your fingertips. The coaches of 100K blueprint will furnish you with any kind of PERSONAL HELP.

#STEP 2:

If you have the desire of being the Being ‘Top-Dog’ In Your Niche then have just 12 weeks of serenity and you’ll be Transformed Into A Elite Dropshipper. With 100k BLUEPRINT you are getting this excellent opportunity…

The list below states the 12 Weeks scheduled Modules that are only designed for someone like you…

(3x)Training Videos that would be beneficial for you!!

IRONCLAD: 60 Day Money Back Policy

It is completely understood that not everyone wants to continue with this business.

No matter what the reason is with100k Blueprint it is simple for anyone to get their money back on time so it brings to you an unconditional money back policy.

You can test drive this course and get your money back within 72 hours. The best part is since it has a WORLD CLASS support within 3–4 hours your hard-earned money will be sent right back!

Without any further ado, I would like to state that …

To me 100K Blueprint 4.0 — the world’s BEST Dropshipping program so far.

Start your first-hand experience with it just right here !!!

Pros. and Cons.


  • You are going to have EXCLUSIVE access to an invite-only software that does all the heavy lifting for you.
  • 100K Blueprint 4.0 Members Get Special Access To Our Secret Software That Finds Highly Profitable & Converting Products For You
  • The software even UPLOADS the products for you.


  • Without an active internet connection, you cannot enjoy 100k Blueprint to the fullest.

Here’s how simple it is to use the profit machine software:


There is some fantastic bonus that 100k Blueprint brings you to your doorstep. It enhances your business and brings you the best of it.


100k Blueprint is being offered to you at a price that will fit into your range and schemes that will benefit you.

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